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Clarity logo of the word 'CLARITY' in blue, starting thicker and getting thinner at the end. We've all been in period product aisles, either for yourself or someone you know. Pink and highly feminine designs everywhere.

A problem I decided to solve with my campaign project is the invisibility that trans men, trans masculine people and/or nonbinary people who menstruate face when walking the aisles for the things they need. Period products are not solely a "feminine" hygiene thing or topic. There is a need for masculine and/or neutral themed period products expressed by the communities that are forgotten typically.

My focus is on trans men in particular but I made choices that would welcome any gender, including cis women too of course. Everyone can find what they need with 'Clarity.'

'Clarity' 30 sec advertisement for period kit delivery once a month.
Non-Clarity customer versus Clarity customer experiences.

Two Clarity brand characters, a round blue guy and a tall red guy, standing behind a green curtain revealing Clarity period products in the shipping box, and tempon boxes. Navy blue background solid with the lavender Clarity box spitting out the words: one box. once monthly. for one you. Clarity.


Branding Design
Package Design
Survey and Demographic
Pitch Boards
Character Design
Colour Script
Extra Process

Branding Design Process

Various iterations on the word 'CLARITY' in different thick and thin formats. Colour tests on the word Clarity

Package Design Process

Boxes in either pastel multicolour or dark and bright red tones. Black and neon toned shipping box designs and blue and green tone shipping box designs.
Front of the tampon box package design iterations. Package design anatomy and breakdown of build.
Tampon and pad anatomy breakdown of product. Prduct box and shipping boxes.
Tampon product box breakdown. Tampon product box render of it together.
Shipping package design unfolded. Shippng package design put together render.

Survey and Demographic Research

A necessary aspect of my project was proving that this demographic
did in fact exist and that they needed the product I was planning on making.
I asked multiple trans men, trans masculine and/or nonbinary individuals
to fill out this survey with questions pertaining to period products.

These are the results gathered:
a group of blue monochromatic people, symbolized by a mass with a circle on top of it.

The first question is between which kind of box style is better. An open on the side matchbox style (option 01 on the left), or a traditional top-opening option 02 on the right side. Option 02, the top-open one, wins the poll in the results. The second question is: How could menstruation products better serve non-binary people and/or men? (Part 1) include answers that vary from cheaper diva cups, less scented or gendered packaging, neutral wording or decoration needs, packaging that hides what the product is.
How could menstruation products better serve non-binary people and/or men? (part 2) 9 answers vary about quieter packaging, avoiding womanhood symbolism in designs, have sanitary pads for boxers, and less incriminating packaging for nonbinary and trans men to use.
Q3 What is one (or two) things you need from menstruation products that would improve your day-to-day life? (part 1) This question includes answers like 'better absorption, less amount of changing needed, unsure, pads for boxers.'
Same question as the previous image, the remaining answers include 'Smaller insertion products, less marketing purely towards women, safe for body organic tamponsa and pads, less noisy packaging.'

Pitch Boards

The initial concept for the pitch is to promote the quality-of-life improvements that the Clarity at-home delivered period kit provides. I originally was going to do a split screen of the two different experiences, but that ended up being too much happening at once. The characters and their life experiences - one as a Clarity customer, one not - are denoted by separate colour palettes and have their own scenes that the viewer flips between.
Clarity first initital commerical thumbnails End card thumbnails - experimental
Pitch boardss - Clarity commercial Pitch boards - Clarity commercial part 2

Character Design

The next step before I moved further with my animatic creation was to come up with some more identifiable characters, who were part of the demographic, relateable to the customer. I originally started with similar characters to the bathroom symbol people. On the second attempt I start out too illustrative, so I go back to ultimate basics by crafting a kit of basic shapes to play with (out of ripped paper because I was on campus at the time and needed something quick, I'd like to make a full real kit of shapes someday though) and explore different silhouettes to drive the ideation process further. Through this method, I come to the solution of a happy Clarity customer and a miserable person who isnt benefiting from Clarity's services. Clarity people sketches, with round circles for heads and simplistic shape bodies.

More of the non-Clarity customer character design initial passes, which look a lot like bathroom symbol people.
Explorations of faces and body types for Clarity customer blue person. Exploration of faces and obdy types for non-Clarity customer red person.

Clarity Customer's family character design explorations.

Shape Kit designs and process. I tore apart pieces of paper and used them to make different shapes and designs for the character design explorations. Shape designs based on explorations.
Shape designs based on explorations. Shape designs based on explorations.
Shape designs Shape Designs Shape Designs

Family shape designs Final two character silhouettes and shape designs for Clarity Customer and Non-Clarity Customer
Colour explorations for Clarity customer Face design explorations for Clarity Customer
Final face design notes for the blue Clarity person.

Different shots featuring the Clarity customer.

non-Clarity customer colour passes Non-Clarity customer parts in the commercial
Clarity Customer's husband design explorations Clarity Customer's daughter explorations
Clarity Customer's baby design explorations Final designs for Clarity Customer's family design explorations
Rough draw-over of Clarity Customer Husband in place Rough draw-over of Clarity Customer Husband in place Rough draw-over of Clarity Customer Husband in place


Pitch boards for Clarity animatic pass 03

'Clarity' - w/ Music - ROUGH Sketch Animatic - 30 sec from Orion Schiada on Vimeo.

Colour Script

Colour script of Clarity animated commercial Workspace - process of building on top of sketches from colour script

Extra Process

Paths for animation example of how I did the animation for circling around the product box.
Clarity box design colours Clarity box design

Final Storyboards

Storyboards 01 Storyboards Storyboards Storyboards Storyboards Storyboards


Display unit shelves for Clarity product example The three collateral pieces included within this campaign project include the package design posted up above, a Point of Purchase display (P.O.P.), and a website design. The process behind each is here.

For the P.O.P., we wanted to go for an approachable design that would live at the end of a period products aisle where it would be possible to shop at it without entering the aisle itself and causing discomfort from having to be around the feminine designs in the aisle itself. We wanted to keep the Clarity experience all it's own.
The display unit shown in a shop in 3D rendering and photo comp. Colour design for product point of purchase display
Point of Purchase Display 3d Rendered Sign iterations for P.O.P.
Sketches of Point of Purchase display More sketches and development of point of purchase display.
Clarity final website design
Package design sketches Page design sketches
Page design sketches
Page design sketches Page design sketches
Page layout Page layout
Layout sketches

Thank you for your time looking at my project today!
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