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Graphic Design
A branding that reads 'Clarity' in light blue, the typeface starts out very thick and gets thinners at the end of the word. A branding / logo that features a blonde woman in a pink plaid shirt and jeans with cowboy holsters holding hair grooming supplies. She is standing beside Rockin' R Mobile Groomer type that has a white fluffy cat and a white french bulldog adorning the logo.
A cover page of a zine titled Trans Masculine & Non-Binary Inclusion in Reproductive Rights Activism. An educational zine by Ovaettr. It features a cis woman and a trans man clasping hands in agreement and alliance. A page selected from the inclusion in reproductive rights zine. Language Alternatives. When speaking about what's happening with the Heartbeat Bill or reproductive rights in general, these suggested alternatives provide better inclusion for all genders or lack thereof. A graphic of a head includes a speech bubble speaking the various gender symbols including, female, male, transgender, and genderless. Womens Rights >> Reproductive Rights. Not all women can give birth, not all people who can give birth are women. Men controlling womens bodies >> Cis men controlling birthing peoples' bodies. Men should get birth control too >> People who can impregnate others need reproductive protection too. Not all men can get people pregnant, not all people who can get people pregnant are men. When talking about a stranger, Pregnant woman >> Pregnant person. As we cannot assume a person's gender simply because they are pregnant. Always ask what parental term a person prefers being used. Some trans people prefer their old parental name like dad/mom while others want to change it, or simply parent works.
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Cover for Media Literacy Guide on the Transgender Community zine. It features multiple speech bubbles with a face talking, a TV giving off electricity, a magazine, and a zine community sticker. The center bottom of the zine cover features an eyeball with the transgender symbol in it that has a clenched fist of power within it. Be aware and alert. Protect trans folks. An educational zine by Ovaettr.
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A two page spread with a lot of text regarding trans media literacy organized effectively.
A comic page from a zine that follows through the ages of myself and how i expressed my gender throughout the years.
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A logo of two men gaming and facing off against each other using fighting game stick and button pads that are wide rectangular and grey with white buttons and black joysticks. There is people and a crowd in the background with the announcers from the Battlegrounds group. Battlegrounds is hand designed on the bottom with a Ryu from Street Fighter headband on the last S.

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